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Sick of being ripped off by the big 6 energy companies,  join our revolution to bring cheap and affordable power to all of our members!

Same power, fair price!

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We have multiple patents, from generation, distribution and storage to bring an end to climate change, once and for all.


We have had the lowest electricity prices since March 2019, making us the cheapest suppliers in the UK for over a year.


Someone once called us a mix between… “heavy tech heads, mad scientists and economically as savvy as can be.”

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Live, breathe and dream about energy, but sometimes we need to sleep. Monday – Friday. 9 – 6 Saturday. 9 – 3 Sunday. sadly closed

What could you do with an extra £600 a year? Get a quote and find out...

Adventure holiday across Europe.

Fancy a trip to your favourite destination around Europe with your loved ones with savings from our cheapest electricity bills.

Refine your skills set

Start saving, join a chess club, become a world chap and give Bobby a run for his money (not just chess, imagine how else you can become a better you)

Join a revolution

Start saving, join a revolution (apart from ours) and make the world a better place. Or just enjoy Netflix on a comfy sofa.

Take up photography

David Bailey, has nothing on you. Start saving, use that money to become a photographer and see the world as we do!

You will find us on comparison sites, under Open Market View

You can find us on comparison websites under OFGEM recommended open market view! This way you can see how much you will save when you switch.

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