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Your electricity network distributor looks after your electricity supply. If there’s an electrical emergency or power outage at your home, you’ll need to ring your operator. Simply call 105 from your mobile or landline and the telephone service will automatically direct you to the network distributor’s emergency number for your area. Calls to this service are free of charge. Get more information on the power cut call 105 service.

Alternatively, You can refer to your electricity bill, for your electricity distributor’s number, or call Symbio Energy 0333 050 9372 for further assistance

If it’s not an emergency and you just have a question, please use the general enquiry number.

To work out who your electricity distributor is you’ll need the relevant two digits from your supply number, which is shown on your electricity bill. This number is made up of 13 digits. The two digits you need can be found in the bottom-left of the ‘S grid’. The image below shows an example of this.